Biodegradable Cable Ties - Pack of 10


These biodegradable cable ties are a great way to attach your printed banner in position and are a more ecological and environmentally friendly option than their nylon counterparts. They go perfectly with our eco friendly printed banners!

Simply loop through each eyelet of your banner and secure to walls, fences, railings and gates quickly and easily.

  • Pack of 100 biodesgradable cable ties.
  • Expected minimum time of 2 years to degrade, depending on the conditions under which they are stored or used
  • These cable ties are ideal for use with eco friendly printed banners

Biodegradable cable ties are the perfect choice for installing your eco friendly printed banner in place. We're delighted to be able to offer a fixing which fits in with our goals of creating minimum environmental impact with the personalised printed banners that we produce.

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